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The Accidental Champion



Live music by The Small Time Crooks.


The Accidental Champion a 38 minute silent film inspired by Charlie Chaplin. The story of this video is built around a 1920's boxing match and the journey of a young man from the wrong side of the tracks who accidentally ends up the champion of the game. Forty volunteers act − on a minimalistic, stage like set − together with Abner Preis, creating a contemporary collaborative gesamtkunstwerk in which the process of building a story is considered most significant. Like Chaplin, the artist questions social dogmas and subtly uncovers modern society's struggle with the rapidity of change and urge for absolute happiness. By shooting and moving in slow-motion, he manages to poetically capture this struggle with the speed of time.


"Abner Preis. @ Gabriel Holt (Amsterdam)" Happy Famous Artists. 

"Abner Preis. @ Gabriel Holt" Jeroen Bosch - Trendbeheer.

"Anti-sport" Domeniek Ruyters - Metropolis M.

"Gabriel Rolt Gallery / Abner Preis (DAI, 2014) / The Accidental Champion" Dutch Art Institute.

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