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Blowing Through the Curtains

Blowing Through the Curtains

Blowing Through the Curtains

VR Installation - Experience


Museum Arnhem
*Acquired by the Museum Arnhem for their collection.

*Anidox: VR  Awards (Viborg Animation Festival)- Residency Award

*Netherlands Film Festival - Golden Calf Nomination

* 27th Geneva International Film Festival - Pulsation Section Official Selection 

Blowing Through the Curtains is an artistic interpretation of the infamous battle of Arnhem in virtual and augmented reality for Museum Arnhem by Abner Preis. An interpretation that simultaneously brings the war theme of violence, loss and displacement to global current events. With its message of hope, the work offers comfort at a time with the highest number of refugees (70.8 million according to the UNHCR) since the end of WWII and in a world jointly trying to cope with the corona pandemic.

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