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Eden's Adventures

Eden's Adventures

Eden's Adventures

VR Installation / Experience


*Cinekid Golden Lion Jury Award for the Best International Media Project

*Distribution by Cinekid Foundation

*Golden Calf Nomination - Netherlands Film Festival

For Cinekid, I created a story in Virtual Reality about a girl named Eden who travels throughout time as a school assignment.  Her journey takes her to her technological heroes. From the Stone Age, Ancient Egypt, Tesla's Studio, The Computer Girls, and The International Space Station.  Eden’s Adventure is an exciting and playful VR experience with clear idealistic intention, strong storytelling capabilities from the artist and fun and joyful visual approach making it a full and noticeable variety of the many iterations of progress in the VR arena so overly focused on cinematic gameplay experiments. Eden clearly visits females who should inspire girls like her- but does not shove the female lead down the observer’s throat.  

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