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Plan International Project

Workshop / VR


Exhibited at Amsterdam Museum.

The "Talents Unlimited" project is a collaboration between Plan International, Plan Jordan, and Plan International Nederland that aims to create 5 virtual and augmented reality experiences based on the personal triumphs of 5 individual refugees from Syria. The project is led by visual artist and storyteller Abner Preis and co-creator Zoe D'Amaro, who are working with women of different ages and backgrounds to share their stories in an immersive storytelling experience. As part of the project, Fayez, a 12-year-old Iraqi refugee, wrote a story about being bullied and being saved by his hero, Roman Reigns, who gives him motivational advice to achieve great things. The project aims to showcase five virtual reality experiences inspired by stories of female refugees, with a focus on the theme of hope and personal growth. Some of these VR experiences were developed through storytelling classes and new technology workshops with refugee youth based in Jordan. The project will be presented at Hermitage Amsterdam and is a testament to the power of storytelling and technology in amplifying the voices of those who have faced adversity.

Stills from the workshops and seminars Abner and Zoe taught in order to create the project. 

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