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Seeds are Growing and Streams are Flowing

Seeds are Growing and Streams are Flowing

Seeds ARE growing and Streams are FLOWING

VR Installation - Experience


Museum Night Oude Kerk

Museumnacht Amsterdam

Put on a VR-headset in the age-old choir of the church and get lost in a macabre primeval forest, where nothing is what it seems. Deforestation is happening on a global scale and is it a terrible reality, but I choose to take nature’s resilience as a starting point. 


In spite of everything, plants and trees continue to grow and bloom: I firmly believe in a happy ending and that hope is contagious. The work is a collection of images which I collected during my residency at Ujazdowski Castle Centre for Contemporary Art in Warsaw. I had a month-long stay at the Białowieża Forest during the crises when they were cutting down the trees, the images and video in the VR installation are of the people and places I visited, reflecting the real life while placed in a virtual world.  The ability to layer the real and the virtual helps create a surreal experience and strong experience.

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