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Walk in Worlds

VR Installation / Experience / Workshop


Tetem Kunstruimte, Enschede

Walk in Worlds

Walk in Worlds

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For the Walk-in Worlds exhibition, Abner traveled to various places in Enschede in search of stories about beauty and the ideal society. He incorporated these stories and encounters into the very first virtual reality (VR) exhibition in Tetem, where the audience literally takes a look at the different worlds. In the exhibition six different installations can be viewed and experienced with special VR glasses.


In The Big Dance you crawl under a big dress, where you are invited by a diverse and cheerful company to dance and play. Passing Down Poetry takes you into the house of a Syrian family where a poem - passed down from grandfather to daughter to grandson - is read. Chilling with the Chickens lets you share special moments in the life of chickens, while you take a seat on the floor between the hay and the stones. In Celebrating the Holy Object: You you follow the Pied Piper of Hamelin through the museum rooms, who takes with him a choir of opera singers who sing an expressive song especially for you. The Happiest Day of My Life takes you back in time to a nostalgic world where the elderly tell about the best day of their lives. The animated VR installation The Flower takes you on a radical journey through a city that is being rebuilt after a catastrophe by the joint effort of the community. Finally, there is the audio installation Kitchen Conversations, where you join the table conversations that Abner has with various residents of Enschede; Abner asks them about the importance of a strong community and what connects us all.

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