The Super Hero Project
The project began with a workshop for children dealing with serious physical or mental challenges, and became an ongoing investigation of imagination, responsibility and social landscapes that starts with a series of in-situ performances. The Superhero Project engages the audience where they work, live and play, transforms them into temporary heroes and asks what three powers they desire and why. These interactive performances are documented, resulting in a body of audiovisual materials edited into a broader narrative dealing with power, responsibility and imagination. To date, over 1000 superheroes have been created (in Austria, Belgium, France, India, Italy, the Netherlands and the United States). On a crowd-funded 3-month tour in the US, I wanted to create work dealing with the idea of ‘silent majority’ and a portrait of an empowered ‘every day America.’ It revealed that a majority of people imagined being invisible. ‘Invisibility’ was cited so often as a power that it appeared as a sort of social need.

“In the Superhero Project we find Abner (the artist as hero) performing by going to work. His job is that of any artist: to transform experience, shift perspective and inform history (and therefore the future) of the present. Abner’s superpower is the ability to help you imagine yours and become a hero. Taking his art to the pedestrian public at large, he engages strangers where they work, live and play, getting them to consider: If they were a hero, what three powers would they have?
As his audience momentarily escapes reality to consider reinventing it, they become heroes and find themselves contemplating potential applications of power. This is the act Abner moves them to as he documents their diverse contexts and desires.
Building on his performance tours, Abner now aims to bring this project into schools and community centers, and use the superhero mask as a way of cloaking the distance between the audience and their imagination. In this case, we see the artist/hero entering the community, triggering the imagination of the students in a discussion about how specific ideas generate thoughts of different powers, potential and shifts to perception. It is a performance that connects viewers to their imagination and social responsibilities
in a magical way that will open new points of view and ideas towards art and its everyday impact.” Each participant will receive the photo of themselves dressed as a hero.

Cities and Highlights:

Brussels,Rotterdam,Paris,NYC,Miami,Berlin,Jerusalem,Istanbul,LA,New Orleans,Munich,Vienna,Cleveland,Sette,Amsterdam,San Fran,Peruggia,Chicago,Cologne,Ghent,Indianapolis,Washington DC,Burlington,Bridgton,Den Haag,Lisbon,Budapest, India,Columbia.

Solo Exhibition: Scope Art Fair Art Basel Miami
Modo Brussels
Human Cities Design Biennial Istanbul
Escape The Golden Cage, Vienna
CityLeaks Festival, Hamburg
FilmHuis Den Haag
Arte TV Special Feature
KickStarter feature
Running with Rockey Harlan Levey Projects
Florida Atlantic University

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